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Taos, New Mexico it's a smallish town in Northeastern New Mexico, where about 25% of the population defines itself as an artists. Tthere is a bookstore for every 1000 inhabitants. Where 3 or 4 of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at are. Where the scenary is as varied as desert and alpine conditions can be.

A couple of years ago we purchased 18 acres about 12 miles out of town. We planned on building on it and eventually retiring. Once we explored the possibilites it became obvious that we needed more money to do that then we had....

So we did what most American's do when faced with an economic crisis. We spent money... We purchased a small cabin just a couple of hundred yards away in a small development called Valle Escondido.

Eventually, we managed to make it "cute" and we've loved visiting ever since. We have some before and after pictures of the cabin, some of our land and some of Taos on this web site.

If you're in the area, drop by the Taos Pueblo, it's the oldest continuously inhabited place in North America. While you're there stop by and see the Mirabal's, buy a CD or an Flute from them.

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