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I'm interested in genealogical information, I'm researching the Niemeier, Keller, Lance, Allen, and related families, among many others. I've got my complete database of over 8500 family names online

We own some land and a house in Taos, New Mexico, a location we are living in after many years of trying to get here. We have an interest in travel, we've been to France, Italy, and nearly every state in the union.

I used to own a web design company, here is one of the better sites we designed, it's a virtual museum. It's interesting software and would be nice for a museum interested in interactive education.

If you have info on any of the families I'm researching, need a web site designed, would like to train your dog to be a disc dog, or are interested in travel, give me a holler.

I am a physical therapist with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from St. Louis University, if you have any health related questions that I might answer, please send me an email.

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