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The Niemeier family has been traced to the mid 1700's in Ladbergen, Germany. They came to the United States as part of a larger German migration circa 1850. They settled in Auglaize County, Ohio, Missouri, and Evansville, Indiana. A church that was constructed just after our ancestors left is still standing, the pastor's were extremely helpful and friendly.

During the past several years, Lt. Col. William Roege has done amazing work on the original Ladbergen, Germany. There is an active family listserve trading new information please contact Lt. Col. William Roege for more information. " The Latest Theory ".

We are particularly in debt to Lt. Col. William Roege, John Block, Rachel Meyer, and Jim McCaslin for their contributions. Any errors are more than likely mine, we would appreciate any corrections or additions.

Please search our complete database for your ancestor please contact, with any corrections.


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