Twelfth Generation

3080 John McDowell.

John married Mary Wylie.

3081 Mary Wylie.

3344 Francois Papin. Born in 1605 in (Of Sable) Maine, Charente, France.44,45 Francois died in France.

Francois married Michelle Lagneau, in France.

3345 Michelle Lagneau. Born in France. Michelle died in France.

3346 Mathurin Pelletier Dit Passavant. Born abt 1620 in St. Pierre De Breux Sur Avre, Normandy, FR.44 Mathurin died in France.

Mathurin married Catherine Lagneau.

3347 Catherine Lagneau. Born in St. Pierre Of Breux France. Catherine died in France.

3348 Louis Chaperon De Greuville.

Louis married Jeanne Thomas.

3349 Jeanne Thomas.

3350 Claude Tiremont. Born in France. Claude died in France.

Claude married Barbe Trevant.

3351 Barbe Trevant. Born in France. Barbe died in France.

3356 Elie Gerbault Dit Bellegarde. Elie died in St. Christophe, Anjou.

Elie married Perrine Phillippe.

3357 Perrine Phillippe. Born in France. Perrine died in France.

3358 Francois Lemaistre Dit Lamorille Et Le Picard/Et Le Picard.  Born in 1631 in St. Pierre, Amiens, Picardy. Francois died on 14 Jan 1666 in Probably By Iroquoi Indians. Buried on 14 Jan 1666 in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.

On 6 May 1654 Francois married Judith Rigaud, in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.

3359 Judith Rigaud.  Born in 1633 in Saintes, Saintonge, France.43 Judith died on 13 May 1703 in Montreal, Quebec.

Thirteenth Generation

6716 Denis (Fiacre) Lemaistre.46

Denis (Fiacre) married Catherine (Anne) Ducharme (Loyer)46.

6717 Catherine (Anne) Ducharme (Loyer).46

6718 Elisee (Elisha) Rigaud. Born abt 1601 in Saint-Jean-D'Angely, Charente-Maritime, France.47

Elisee (Elisha) married Marie Suzanne Du Gast-Thouin.

6719 Marie Suzanne Du Gast-Thouin. Born abt 1605 in France. Marie Suzanne died in France.


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