Eighth Generation

128 Johann Heinrich Niemeier.  Born in Sep 1741 in Ladbergen, Germany.26 Johann Heinrich died on 6 Oct 1821 in Ladbergen, Germany.26,15

On 10 Jul 1768 Johann Heinrich married Anna Elsabein Wierwille, in Ladbergen, Germany.26

129 Anna Elsabein Wierwille.  Born on 23 Dec 1746 in Ladbergen, Germany.26 Anna Elsabein died in Ladbergen, Germany, on 26 Sep 1811; she was 64.26

130 Johan Gerhard Lahman.  Born on 2 Jul 1751 in Ladbergen, Germany.26 Johan Gerhard died in Ladbergen, Germany, on 10 Nov 1811; he was 60.26

On 28 Oct 1780 when Johan Gerhard was 29, he married Anna Catharina Elsabein Kuhlemeier, in Ladbergen, Germany.26

131 Anna Catharina Elsabein Kuhlemeier.  Born on 4 Aug 1758 in Ladbergen, Germany.26 Anna Catharina Elsabein died in Ladbergen, Germany, on 12 Mar 1806; she was 47.26

132 Conrad (Cord) Heinrich Brinkmeier.  Born on 29 Nov 1776 in Ladbergen Germany.32

On 5 Apr 1798 when Conrad (Cord) Heinrich was 21, he married Anna Elizabeth Moeller, in Ladbergen, Germany.33

133 Anna Elizabeth Moeller.

136 Johan Herman Hoge.  Born on 14 Jun 1750 in Ladbergen, Germany.25

On 4 Jul 1779 when Johan Herman was 29, he married Anna Elsabein Rahmeier, in Ladbergen, Germany.26

137 Anna Elsabein Rahmeier. Born in 1760 in Ladbergen, Germany.25

138 Johan Herman Wilhelm Ferlemann (V). Born in 1763 in Ladbergen, Germany.25

On 19 Dec 1783 Johan Herman Wilhelm married Anna Elisabeth Nussmeier.

139 Anna Elisabeth Nussmeier.  Born on 8 Nov 1761 in Ladbergen, Germany.25

142 Adolph Heinrich Grotholtmann. Born on 13 Aug 1742 in Ladbergen, Germany. Adolph Heinrich died in Ladbergen, Germany, on 28 Sep 1815; he was 73.

Adolph Heinrich married Anna Christina Nussmeier.

143 Anna Christina Nussmeier.  Born on 15 May 1746 in Ladbergen, Germany. Anna Christina died in Ladbergen, Germany, on 21 Feb 1820; she was 73.28

162 Benjamin Lemasters.

Benjamin married Mary "Polly" Langston.

163 Mary "Polly" Langston.

192 Jacob Keller.  Born in 1751 in Anson County, North Carolina. Jacob died bef 23 Jun 1813 in Burke County, NC.34

In 1779 Jacob married Jane Hodge ?, in Burke County, North Carolina.

193 Jane Hodge ? Born in 1759. Jane died on 26 Apr 1846 in Bedford County, Tenn. Buried in Keller Cemetery, Headstone.

194 Amos Chaffin.  Born in 1768/1770 in Burke County, NC.35 Amos died abt 1840 in Cherokee County, GA.

Amos married Elizabeth Porter, in Cherokee County, Georgia.36

195 Elizabeth Porter.

196 John Madison Bevert.  Born on 30 Jun 1759 in Baltimore County, Maryland. John Madison died in DeKalb County, Tennesee, on 11 Sep 1841; he was 82.

On 13 Oct 1792 when John Madison was 33, he married Rachel, in Rowan County, North Carolina.

197 Rachel.

208 Benito Vasquez.  Born in 1738 in Kingdom Of Galacia, Spain.22 Benito died on 16 Feb 1810 in City Of St. Louis, MO. Buried on 18 Feb 1810 in Old Cathedral Cemetary, St. Louis, MO.

On 27 Nov 1774 Benito married Marie-Julie Papin, in St. Louis, Missouri Marriage # 395.37

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