Seventh Generation

64 Johann Hermann Niemeier.  Born on 12 Jul 1777 in Ladbergen, Germany.9,25 Johann Hermann died in Hillebrand, Overbeck, Germany, on 13 Oct 1835; he was 58.15

On 16 Feb 1812 when Johann Hermann was 34, he married Anna Christina Elizabeth Lageman, in Ladbergen, Germany.25

65 Anna Christina Elizabeth Lageman.  Born on 2 Oct 1781 in Ladbergen, Germany.26 Anna Christina Elizabeth died in Hillebrand Farm, Overbeck, Germany, on 7 Aug 1848; she was 66.15

66 Johann Herman Adolph Heinrich Brinkmeier.  Johann Herman Adolph Heinrich died bef 1845.

On 24 Mar 1798 Johann Herman Adolph Heinrich married Anne Chistine Storck, in Ladbergen.

67 Anne Chistine Storck. Born on 6 Feb 1775.27

68 Herman Heinrich Hoge.  Born on 7 Mar 1782.25

On 15 Oct 1813 when Herman Heinrich was 31, he married Marie Elisabeth Ferlemann (V), in Ladbergen, Germany.25

69 Marie Elisabeth Ferlemann (V).  Born on 18 Nov 1792 in Ladbergen, Germany.25

70 Johan Herman Storck.

On 10 Feb 1819 Johan Herman married Anna Christina Elsabein Grotholtmann, in Ladbergen, Germany.26

71 Anna Christina Elsabein Grotholtmann.  Born on 13 May 1790. Anna Christina Elsabein died on 25 Sep 1849; she was 59.28

76 Unknown Berfanger.

78 H. J. Kleinbach.

H. J. married Hermine Braakin.

79 Hermine Braakin.

80 John M. Lance. Born on 25 Mar 1797 in Kentucky, PA.29 John M. died in Pike County, Indiana, on 12 Jan 1872; he was 74.3 Buried in Log Creek Cemetary.

On 5 Oct 1816 when John M. was 19, he married Eleanor (Nelly) Lemasters, in Gibson County, Indiana.

81 Eleanor (Nelly) Lemasters.  Born on 10 Jan 1801 in Indiana Kentucky.30,29 Eleanor (Nelly) died in Pike, Indiana, on 9 Nov 1885; she was 84. Buried in Log Creek Cemetary.

82 Abraham Leet.

84 William Bristow. Born in PA.7 William died bef 1850.

William married Sarah.

85 Sarah. Born in Ohio. Sarah died aft 1850.

92 Tabner Spradley. Born abt 1780 in South Carolina.

96 Charles McDowell Keller.  Born on 11 May 1790 in Burke, North Carolina. Charles McDowell died in 1849 in St. Clair County, Ill. Buried in Walnut Hill, Belleville, Illinois.

In 1812 Charles McDowell married Sarah Cora Chaffin, in Burke County, NC.

97 Sarah Cora Chaffin.  Born in 1790/1800 in North Carolina. Sarah Cora died in 1851 in St. Clair County, Ill.

98 John Madison Bevert Jr./Jr.  Born on 6 Dec 1803 in North Carolina. John Madison died in Belleville, IL, on 11 Apr 1849; he was 45.31 Buried in Messenger Cemetery, Collinsville, Rd.31

John Madison married Mary Hayes (Hays).

99 Mary Hayes (Hays). Born in 1803 in North Carolina. Mary died ABT 1850/1860.

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