Sixth Generation

32 Herman Heinrich Niemeier.  Born on 15 Dec 1820 in Ladbergen, Germany Note Immigrates gives alt birth.14 Herman Heinrich died in Evansville, Indiana, on 25 Mar 1890; he was 69.1 Buried in Locust Hill, Evansville, Indiana.

On 7 Jan 1842 when Herman Heinrich was 21, he married Anna Sophia Elisabeth Brinkmeier, in Ladbergen, Germany.15

33 Anna Sophia Elisabeth Brinkmeier.  Born on 19 Sep 1820 in Germany. Anna Sophia Elisabeth died on 15 May 1858; she was 37. Buried ? in Locust Hill, Evansville, Indiana.

34 Gerhard Heinrich Adolph Hoge.  Born on 16 Dec 1819 in Ladbergen, Germany.

Gerhard Heinrich Adolph married Christina Elsabein Storck.

35 Christina Elsabein Storck.  Born on 20 Oct 1821 in Ladbergen, Germany.

36 Sebald Niederriter. Born in 1802 in Grafing, Bavaria, Germany. Sebald died in 1881 in Marble, Clarion County, PA.

In 1835 Sebald married Mary Lechner.

37 Mary Lechner.

38 John Berfanger Sr./Sr.  Born in 1801 in Prussia, Germany.16 John died on 2 Feb 1878 in Evansville, Indiana.16

On 8 Sep 1846 John married Wilhelmina Henrica Kleinbach, in St. Wendel Catholic Church, Evansville, Indiana.16

39 Wilhelmina Henrica Kleinbach.  Born in 1824 in Holland.16 Wilhelmina Henrica died on 27 Jan 1867 in Evansville, Indiana.16

40 Finas Euen Lance.  Born in 1825 in Pike, Indiana.5,3

In 1844 Finas Euen married Elizabeth Leet.

41 Elizabeth Leet.  Born in 1828 in Indiana.

42 John Bristow.  Born in 1816 in Ohio Tenn.7,6 John died on 12 May 1890 in Warrick Co. Buried in Rose Hill Newburgh, In.

Abt 1838 John married Helena (Ellen) Emery Wallace.

43 Helena (Ellen) Emery Wallace. Born in 1819 in S. C. Tenn.12,6 Helena (Ellen) Emery died aft 1890.

44 Alexander Bradley. Born in 1810 in Indiana.17,6

Alexander married Elizabeth Schan.

45 Elizabeth Schan. Born in 1825 in Ireland.6

46 Unknown Spradley.  Unknown died bef 1860 in Indiana.

Unknown married Elizabeth.

47 Elizabeth. Born in 1798 in Tennessee.18

48 Robert M. Keller.  Born on 7 Jun 1828 in Kellertown, Bedford County, Tenn.19 Robert M. died in Lebanon, Illinois, on 1 Apr 1900; he was 71. Buried on 1 Apr 1900 in College Hill Lebanon, ILL.

On 1 Aug 1847 when Robert M. was 19, he married Elizabeth (Margaret) Bevert, in Belleville.

49 Elizabeth (Margaret) Bevert.  Born in 1827 in Bedford County, Tenn. Elizabeth (Margaret) died on 13 Feb 1855 in Belleville, IL.20,21

50 Miles Scott.

In 1855 Miles married Christiana Mills (Biles?), in Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois.

51 Christiana Mills (Biles?). Born on 5 Dec 1824 in Vermont. Christiana died in Nokomis City Cemetary, on 20 May 1912; she was 87.

52 Joseph Vasquez Jr.  Born on 19 Nov 1831 in St. Louis, Mo.22 Joseph died in St. Louis, MO, on 17 Aug 1865; he was 33.22

On 5 Nov 1855 when Joseph was 23, he married Mary Ann Furber, in St. John The Apostle And Evangelist Church, St. Louis, MO.

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