First Generation

1 Robert Scott Niemeier (Living, Male).

Second Generation

2 Robert Herman Vernon Niemeier.  Born on 3 Feb 1931 in Evansville, Ind. Robert Herman Vernon died in St. Louis, MO, on 9 Apr 1978; he was 47. Buried on 12 Apr 1978 in St. Louis, MO At Jefferson Barracks Cemetary.

On 6 Jun 1953 when Robert Herman Vernon was 22, he married Marlowe Jean Keller (Living, Female), in St. Louis, Missouri.

3 Marlowe Jean Keller (Living, Female).

Third Generation

4 Herman Wesley Niemeier.  Born on 31 Jul 1905 in Evansville, Indiana.1 Herman Wesley died in Evansville, Indiana, on 9 May 1977; he was 71.1 Buried on 12 May 1977 in Memorial Park, Evansville, Indiana.

On 14 Jun 1924 when Herman Wesley was 18, he married Eleanor (Ellen) Lance, in Eloped Henderson, KY.

5 Eleanor (Ellen) Lance.  Born on 12 Aug 1906 in Evansville, Indiana.1 Eleanor (Ellen) died in Evansville, Indiana, on 12 Apr 1982; she was 75.1 Buried on 15 Apr 1982 in Memorial Park Evansville, Indiana.

6 Milton Joseph Keller.  Born on 18 Aug 1909 in St. Louis, Missouri. Milton Joseph died in St. Louis, Missouri, on 5 Jan 1991; he was 81. Buried on 8 Jan 1991 in Sunset Hills Mausoleum, St. Louis, MO.1

On 18 Jul 1931 when Milton Joseph was 21, he married Estelle Laura Allen, in Evansville, Indiana.

7 Estelle Laura Allen.  Born on 5 Oct 1909 in St. Louis, Missouri. Estelle Laura died in St. Louis, Missouri, on 29 Aug 2001; she was 91.

Fourth Generation

8 Edward Ernest Niemeier.  Born on 30 Aug 1882 in Evansville, Indiana. Edward Ernest died in Evansville, Indiana, on 13 Nov 1948; he was 66. Buried on 16 Nov 1948 in Bethlehem Cem. Evansville, Indiana.

On 27 Oct 1904 when Edward Ernest was 22, he married Theresie Carola Niederriter2.

9 Theresie Carola Niederriter.2  Born on 8 Dec 1882 in Haubstadt, Indiana.2 Theresie Carola died in Evansville, Indiana, on 3 Nov 1955; she was 72. Buried in Bethlehem, E & R Evansville, Ind.

10 William Albert Lance.  Born on 4 Nov 1881 in Newburgh, Warrick County, Indiana. William Albert died in Newburgh, Warrick County, Indiana, on 5 Feb 1955; he was 73.3 Buried on 8 Feb 1955 in Rose Hill, Newburgh, Indiana.1

On 20 May 1903 when William Albert was 21, he married Elizabeth Ann Bradley. They were divorced.

11 Elizabeth Ann Bradley.  Born on 3 May 1884 in Yankee Town, Indiana. Elizabeth Ann died in Evansville, Indiana, on 17 Dec 1931; she was 47. Buried in St. Joseph's Catholic, Evansville, Indiana.

12 William R. Morrison Keller.  Born on 22 Jan 1883 in Belleville, Ill. William R. Morrison died in Breeze, Ill, on 24 Jan 1968; he was 85.1 Buried on 27 Jan 1968 in Calvary Cemetary.4

On 10 Nov 1904 when William R. Morrison was 21, he married Katherine Mary Vasquez, in St. Malachy's (St. Matthew's) Catholic.

13 Katherine Mary Vasquez.  Born on 10 Jun 1880 in St. Louis, Missouri. Katherine Mary died in Carlyle, Ill, on 8 Jan 1969; she was 88.1 Buried on 11 Jan 1969 in Calvary, St. Louis, Missouri.

14 Estel John Allen.  Born on 16 Jul 1883 in Doniphan, Missouri. Estel John died in St. Louis, on 26 Jul 1949; he was 66. Buried on 29 Jul 1949 in Bethany, St. Louis.

In 1907 Estel John married Laura Clara Rausch.

15 Laura Clara Rausch.  Born on 28 Dec 1872 in Evansville, Indiana. Laura Clara died in St. Louis, on 31 Jan 1967; she was 94.


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